Welcome To Our Biofarm Grassfed Provisions

Our Philosophy

Biofarm Grassfed Provisions was born with a holistic mindset in raising livestock.

Holistic management is a method of treating the land in a way that mirrors nature. By employing less artificial inputs and actions, the land and animals will preserve its vitality. Other advantages include increased microbe activity and water-holding capacity in the soil.

We combine modern research and many environmentalism efforts to raise our animals in a healthy and sustainable way. We provide fresh pasture for our chickens, turkeys and ducks to roam during the day and shelters for protection against predators during the night. This verdant field allows them to flourish in their natural environment, encouraging habitual and standard behavior. We also supplement their diet with non gmo and soy free diet but, be assured that at least 30 % of they eat is fresh grass that is free from pesticides and chemicals to enhance an organism’s fitness.




Never any Antibiotics or Hormones


We practice rotational grazing for our cattle. in which we alter the regions of grassland they graze on so that excess ammonia doesn’t accumulate in the soil. Everyday. They never eat on the same area for more than 2-3 days in a row. Same goes for our poultry, they are allowed to roam to different areas so they don’t  exhaust all the grass roots. Those practices allow we give our pasture the time to regrow and replenish its nutrients.. Their manure acts as the perfect fertilizer, returning the indispensable nitrogen back to the soil. Although the work may be tedious on the daily basis, it is well worth the results that are apparent in the vigor, taste, and quality of eggs and meat our animals provide. More specifically, our birds, chickens, and turkeys all exhibit richer Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients compared to animals that were cultivated in cages.

Our flock gets approximately 30% of their diet from fresh grass and the other 70% comes from a high-quality non-GMO, non-medicated diet with varying concentrations of protein according to their species and weight. This nutrition is soy-free and does not contain growth hormones. It supports a balanced diet consisting of calcium and phosphorous to support the development of strong bones, DHA to help support brain development, and antioxidant Vitamin E to help keep defenses strong against everyday challenges. As a local family business participating in this community, we really do our best to treat our animals with the love and the respect they deserve…the way God intended!

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