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Cowshares are Now Available!

A cow share is a cost effective way to buy beef in bulk. It is the perfect way to stock your freezer and support local farmers.

What is a Cow Share?

A Cow Share is a portion of a whole steer butchered to your specifications and packaged for your freezer. Cow Shares are available by the eighth, quarter, half or whole. In each share you receive a full assortment of cuts - the difference is just how much of each cut you receive.

Which Cow Share Size is Right for Me?

Ztock up smart!

How to calculate:

Meat Consumption + Storage Space

To figure out how much meat is light for multiply OW number of moor ewers all your rouse by you: overage balloon stream' by the number of meals per week Thor you oar moor. Thrs will give YOU a sense of how many Mundt of meat you eat a week and from there how many weeks worth of meat the share will cover Then figure out how much freezer space you have access to. The optimal beef share size will provide you with around 6 months of meat, and be able to be stored in your freezer(s).


110 Pounds of Ready-to-Cook Beef

Tne 114;11 cow share is ED.200 lbs total It includes toughly 110 lbs of meat. 54 lbs of bones (can be made into broth). and 16 lbs of rendered beef tallow This package is perfect (or larger families or frequent meat eaters It will fit in 8.9 cubic feet of freezer space.

Deposit of $300


55 Pounds of Ready-to-Cook Beef

The 1/8th cow share Is 90.100 lbs total It includes roughly SS ibs of meat 27 lbs of bones (can be made into broth( and Albs of rendered beef tallow. This share Is great for small families or people who dons eat meat every day It will easily1i; In a 4 cubic foot freezer.

Deposit of $300


220 Pounds of Ready-to-Cook Beef

The half share is 360 lb to 400 lb total. It includes roughly 220 lbs of meat.108 lbs of beef bones (can be made into broth). and 32 lbs of rendered beef tallow. This share Is substantial excellent for splitting among a group or feeding many frequent meat eaters The entire share takes up 18-20 cubic feet of cooler space.

Deposit of $300


440 Pounds of Ready-to-Cook Beef

The whole cow share is 720 to 800 lbs total. It includes about 440 lbs of meat. 216 lbs of beef bones (can be made into broth) and 64 Ibs of rendered tallow. This is the most beef possible in a cow share It takes up roughly 36 cubic feet of cooler space.

Deposit of $300

What is Included in a Cow Share?

While we cannot do a Cow Share that is entirely New York Strips or Sirloin Tip Roasts, we will work with you to ensure that the assortment of cuts in your share are ones you like to cook.

We can process the beef bones into broths, demi-glace, or dog bones. Soon you will be able to receive the tallow in the form of soap for an additional charge.

Once you have ordered a share we will go over the options with you and ensure that you receive your preferred cuts and freezer package sizes.

How Do I Store my Cow Share?

Cow Shares arrive immediately frozen post-processing. The share should be stored in your freezer. Each cut is vacuum sealed and will remain ready-to-cook and without freezer burn for anywhere from six months to a year.

I'm Sold! How Do I Purchase a Cow Share?

Cow Shares require a deposit and the remainder of the cost upon delivery. Deposits can be placed on our online store. Once you have placed your deposit we will contact you to finalize cuts and delivery date. Two to three weeks later you will have a freezer full of Beef!

Have anymore questions? Let us know and we will be happy to help.

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