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Our Story

It has been said that “hard times are sometimes blessings in disguise... that they make us stronger, better, and wiser”.

After the economic entrenchment of 2009, like many others at that time, we were faced with the question of what to do next. We had lost a substantial amount of our financial savings and knew we had to go another route. Since my husband was a general contractor and I was in the real estate industry, both of our industries were affected by that recession.

Americans by choice and not birth, we came to the US in the 1980’s and built our lives and family here. The wonderful thing about this Country is that it embodies equal opportunity. With hard work, and goals in mind, you can accomplish anything! The only limits are those that you impose upon yourself. We truly believe that!!

After many prayers and deliberation, my husband came home one night and asked me as he walked in the kitchen, “honey, why don’t we raise organic chickens?” While I was astonished by that question, all I could think of was what life would be like in the Country and how little experience I had with raising animals. The only thing that really connected me to a farm would be my love for animals.




Grassfed beef provides up to six times more omega-3 also has a low amount of saturated fats


The greatest minds are not filled with facts, but with creativity. So, I decided to dive into this innovative idea my husband had and spent weeks extensively researching different models for farms. Almost immediately, it became obvious to the both of us that we could only do it the right way and the loving way.

We came across a book by Joel Salatin entitled, “Pastured Poultry Profits”, his farm model exemplified everything we were looking for. Thereafter, we looked for assistance in local extension offices in Palm beach county, where we were discouraged from raising pasture raised chickens with organic standards in a climate such as ours: hot and humid. They insinuated that we would be better off growing microgreens instead.

Nevertheless, we didn’t let this small obstacle cloud our judgements. Since we were both raised in Brazil, we knew it was possible, so we ignored the derogatory comments and continued to pave this new path towards an organic poultry and egg farm.

I’m very proud to say that it has been years and here we are, raising our chickens, turkeys, ducks and now a small herd of Grass-fed cattle in the way God intended animals to live free roaming and stress free.

We added a small number of beehives, where we can also provide our clients, that are more like family now, handcrafted raw honey. As small, conscientious beekeepers, we never remove all the honey from the hives. We always leave behind 5 to 7 pounds of honey to sustain the bees throughout the entire season, eliminating the need for sugar supplementation. It’s our way of thanking them for the liquid gold that they so kindly provide us with.

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